Many things about Samsung’s QN90C TV are excellent, but its secret gaming feature really won me over.

Since its debut in 2021, Samsung’s Neo QLED line of televisions has excelled in its field and become the industry standard for both display quality and features. It might even be at the top with the QN90C, this year’s offering.

The set is available in 43 to 85 inches, but I tested the 55″ for the purposes of this review. Retail price on that version is $1,999, which does put it in the premium end at pricing. Fortunately, it’s premium everywhere else too.

Coming off of the box, this TV is just attractive. It boasts an extremely thin design and bezel, which really highlights the picture. The stand attracted my attention when I was unwrapping it as well. The QN90C is stabilized by just one leg in the middle, akin to a computer monitor, rather than two legs like roughly all other TVs.

However, I must admit that assembling the base was a little challenging; in fact, after reading the handbook and beginning the assembly, I had to go back to the directions since I was having trouble. That would be a minor annoyance in my opinion, but since it’s a “one & done” sort of thing, I believe the sleek, expensive aesthetic was ultimately worthwhile. Even though the stand occasionally wobbled, especially when my children rushed across the living room, I never worried that the set would topple over.

Samsung's QN90C

The television runs Samsung’s own Tizen operating system. Tizen was new to me, although it was not as easy to use as Roku and Google TV, I was still able to get what I was looking for with little difficulty.

This Pure Mini-LED, which Samsung initially presented in 2021, is used for the display. The smaller-than-normal LEDs used here, as the name suggests, improve lighting control. Samsung asserts that it goes one step further by removing noise from the LEDs through the use of microlayers.

Capability for HDR10 and HDR10+ is provided, and internet reports place the brightness at close to 2,000 nits, making it suitable for the majority of home and business settings.

For dedicated gamers, this is wonderful to have because most casual players wouldn’t delve this deeply into these settings. It offers the most extensive amount of customization I’ve ever seen in a game menu. This is undoubtedly among the finest gaming TVs I’ve seen, in my opinion.

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