In this intriguing coming-of-age show, two adolescents named Charlie and Nick discover the chance that their unusual relationship could develop into something more in the midst of the struggles of school and a budding young romance.

This season successfully combines excellent filmmaking with compelling storytelling. The authenticity and real ties between the characters, which are rarely portrayed in coming-of-age movies, stand out strongly.

At a boys' grammar school, UK teens Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring form a distinctive bond. Nick, a cheerful rugby player with a compassionate streak, and Charlie, openly gay and contemplative, find themselves seated together by chance. Despite Charlie's doubts about romance with Nick, their friendship grows into something deeper. Love's surprises bring them closer, revealing Nick's affection for Charlie. Through the moments in Nick and Charlie's lives, "Heartstopper" beautifully explores love, friendship, and devotion. 


Has Heartstopper been a Netflix success?

Fans were overjoyed to see Nick, Charlie, and the others again on August 3rd, when the second season of the adored coming-of-age show debuted. According to Netflix's Top 10 data on Tudum, the season's first week saw an amazing 6.1 million total views.