TOTMUN: The Secret To Their Success? This One Simple Trick

TOTMUN: The Secret To Their Success? This One Simple Trick

One of the Premier League season's biggest surprises thus far has been Tottenham Hotspur. Following a challenging 2021–22 season, Antonio Conte turned the team into a title contender.

Tottenham's success has numerous causes, but one of the most significant has been their improved defensive performance. The club has the best record in the league with just 11 goals allowed in 15 games.

Cristian Romero's arrival has been significantly responsible for this development. The Argentinean center defender has been a pillar of strength at the back, offering much-needed steadiness and direction. He has also forged an effective alliance with Eric Dier.

Additionally, Romero's entry has enabled Conte to move to a three-man defense. The team now has more stability, which has helped them gain control of the ball more frequently.

In addition to their improved defense, Tottenham have also been more clinical in attack. Harry Kane and Son Heung-min have been in fine form, scoring 18 goals between them.

The inventiveness of Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski has also been helpful to the team. The two midfielders have given Tottenham's assault a new dimension by giving it greater breadth and passing possibilities.

All of these factors have contributed to Tottenham's success so far this season. If they can continue to keep clean sheets and score goals, they will be in a strong position to challenge for the title.

Here are some other reasons for Tottenham's success: – Antonio Conte's management: Conte is a world-class manager who has a proven track record of success. He has brought a winning mentality to the team and has gotten the best out of his players. – The squad depth: Tottenham have a strong squad with plenty of quality players. This has allowed Conte to rotate his players and keep them fresh. – The home form: Tottenham have been particularly strong at home this season, winning all of their home games in the Premier League.