How Ahsoka Tano went from sidekick to one of Star Wars’ most important character

During her debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which premiered as an animated film in 2008, the idea that Ahsoka Tano would eventually become one of the franchise's most beloved and influential characters was challenging to foresee. 

Initially seen as a young sidekick in The Clone Wars, Ahsoka evolved into a central figure in the extended Star Wars universe, appearing in various animated and live-action TV series over the past decade. 

Arguably the most significant Star Wars character absent from the Skywalker Saga, she does have a presence, with her voice heard in the choir that encourages Rey during the climactic moment of Episode IX. 

Ahsoka's significance goes beyond the main films. She was crucial in Clone Wars and Rebels, her impactful Mandalorian appearance drew notice, and Disney Plus' Tales of the Jedi delves into her journey through animated shorts. 

Tales wasn't designed to be independent; it comprises vignettes that enrich the narratives of Ahsoka and the wayward Count Dooku. They serve as crucial perspectives on the tumultuous period during the Jedi Order's decline. 

It mirrors Ahsoka's approach in the opening episodes, offering fleeting insights into her journey and mentioning key figures in her pursuit of Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Dooku's Tales episodes follow a coherent narrative, tracing his detachment from the Jedi. The Ahsoka-focused shorts, however, need contextualization within her extensive Star Wars journey. 

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