Teen hacked Uber, Revolut and Grand Theft Auto maker, London jury finds 

A London jury has found that a teenager hacked into the computer systems of Uber, Revolut and the maker of Grand Theft Auto. 

Who was the hacker? 

– The hacker was identified as Arion      Kurtaj, an 18-year-old from London. – Kurtaj was arrested in September 2022      and charged with a number of hacking      offenses. – He pleaded guilty to 12 offenses,       including blackmail, fraud and computer      misuse.

What did the hacker do? 

– Kurtaj hacked into the computer      systems of Uber, Revolut and Rockstar      Games. – He stole customer data, including      names, addresses and credit card      numbers. – He also threatened to release the data      if the companies did not pay him a      ransom.

What was the impact of the hack?

– The hack caused significant disruption      to Uber and Revolut. – Uber had to suspend its services in      several cities. – Revolut had to restrict its customers'      access to their accounts. – Rockstar Games had to delay the release      of a new game.

What is the sentence?

– Kurtaj was sentenced to 2      years and 8 months in prison. – He was also ordered to pay      £50,000 in compensation to      the victim


– The case of Arion Kurtaj is a reminder      of the dangers of hacking. – Companies need to take steps to      protect their computer systems from      hackers. – Individuals should also be careful      about the personal information they      share online.

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