Chapter  Titled "Admiral Kizaru".

The narrative picks up at Egghead Island where Kizaru makes an entrance using his "Yata no Kagami" ability.

Luffy and Saint Saturn have a great talk while connected through the Den Den Mushi. Morgans has been quietly listening throughout.

Drama unfolds as Sentoumaru defends against Kizaru's lightsabers.

he Straw Hat crew, with Robin in the mix, strategize an escape to Elbaf through Vegapunk’s innovative devices.

There's a twist! York has set a password on the island, making an escape challenging.

The Seraphim find themselves trapped within colossal bubble balls.

S-Snake reveals her feelings for Luffy and revives Franky from his petrified state.

Ending on a high note, Luffy, using his observation haki, recognizes Kizaru's presence and comments, "A powerful individual has landed".

Chapter 1091 will be delayed as there's no release scheduled for the following week.