A classic Chinese savory snack,  tea egg boils an egg, lightly cracks the shell, and then boils it again in tea  with sauces and spices. 

Tea Egg 

Chinese meat pie, known as Xian Bing,  is a very popular and delicious salmon dish in northern China, often called meat pocket or large dumpling. 


Shengjian mantou, also known as shengjian bao or simply shengjian, is a specialty of deep-fried baoze, or steamed buns. This specialty is from Suzhou and Shanghai. 

Shengjian mantou 

Scallop pancakes are a favorite sum, often enjoyed as an appetizer or side dish with the beloved French fries. 

Scallion Pancakes

Dating back to the 1950s, egg waffles were created to save unsold eggs. These eggs were combined with flour, sugar and evaporated milk to form a dough. 

Egg Waffle 

Hot dry noodles have an 80-year heritage in Chinese culinary culture. Their specialty is based on the absence of  broth, which distinguishes them  from typical Asian hot noodle dishes. 

Hot Dry Noodles