Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 28: When It Comes Recap, Watch Options 

The movie night celebration continued on the finale of Love Island USA season 5, episode 28,  setting the stage for the islanders as they prepare for  the most intense elimination round yet. 

In episode 28 of the fifth season of Love Island of the United States, there was an exciting elimination process and violent clashes between the islanders in the middle of the ongoing movie night. 

Kay Kay forgave Keenan, while Leo earned the wrath of Kassy and Johnnie, even if their frustrations weren't directed at each other. 

Unexpected conflicts  between Iman and Kyle led to their split, while a major elimination left several contestants in a precarious position. 

Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 28 debuts Thursday night from 8:30-9:00 PM ET

The show follows a  Thursday through Tuesday schedule, with the exception of Wednesday night when no new episodes are  released.