The main characters, especially  De Oliveira's role, exude a refreshing and boldly apologetic quality that is both rare and refreshing. A glimpse of Joe's interaction with his wife suggests the possibility of adding authenticity and grounding realism to the story, offering a possibility that could… 

1. Special Ops: Lioness 

2. Hijack

Abduction is definitely a gripping thriller, but its deft pacing allows for contemplative moments where you have the time and space to really care about every aspect of its story.

3. Twisted Metal

The series has a mature rating and the violence presented in it has an almost comical nature. The over-the-top nature of it all goes back to the cartoon world, where Twisted Metal doesn't use too much punch to create tension or terror, but rather punch. 

Justified: City Primeval currently stands out as one of the highlights of television and will continue to raise its quality as the series progresses. City Primeval takes a remarkably careful approach to depicting the violence and hot frustration embodied by the charismatic presence of a middle-aged white man.  

4. Justified: City Primeval 

It is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable new shows of the year. Set in a dystopian future, the story takes place in a huge underground silo tower that spans several levels. Residents follow strict  rules that are generally accepted as a guarantee of their protection. 

5. Silo

6. Wolf (2023)

In their apartment, the family becomes the unwitting hostage of a criminal couple driven by a dark purpose. The only sign of danger for the family is a mysterious message stuck in the dog's collar. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Jack Caffery searches for the truth and deals with the personal trauma  of his brother's unexplained disappearance two decades earlier.

Victor LaValle's critically acclaimed and best-selling novel The Changeling is transformed into a coming-of-age fairy tale. Apple TV has now released a tantalizing first look at the upcoming eight-episode series starring and directed by Academy Award nominee LaKeith Stanfield. 

7. The Changeling 2023

8. The Last of Us 2023

Decently dark, sprawling and wonderfully textured, HBO's The Last of Us is an early contender for show of the year. It's hard to think of another TV show that lives up to its ambitions, even with nine  months until 2023 to defy that prediction. 

9. Jury Duty

Jury Duty gets mixed reviews as mock courtroom comedy attempt  to get real laughs. Combining the sensibilities of a hidden camera scheme, the dynamics of a workplace sitcom and the structure of a true crime documentary,  Jury Duty creates an unusual genre fusion  that doesn't quite hit the mark. 

10. Captain Fall 2023

This mediocre series explores comedic styles reminiscent of South Park, The Simpsons, and Family Guy, but mostly adheres to the conventions of a traditional sitcom.