7 Must-Watch Fantasy Shows on Netflix

The journey took three seasons, resulting in just three seasons total. The aim was to match the series duration with the narrative's needs. After Aang's success, the story didn't need to continue. Comics then extend Aang's story as an epilogue. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender 

The combination of crime, romance and fantasy elements is truly remarkable. Each character has a special atmosphere that adds vitality to the series. Despite the many episodes and seasons, monotony never sets in. 


Although it has darkness and occasional hilarious puns reminiscent of older shows, it is not a comedy. However, it kept me intrigued until the finale and I look forward to more. Longer seasons would be good. Terrific effort from Burton and  team. 


A successful adaptation of The Witcher  could have been difficult. It's easy to misinterpret exciting elements, but with a TV show, it gets it right. The series manages to be funny, engaging and confusing, harmonizing these different emotions. 

The Witcher

Title 3

Van Helsing is  a pretty chaotic movie, so I don't know where to start. Stephen Sommers prefers visual content above all else. The movie is meant to entertain, and I'll admit it. It is a harmless activity whose sole purpose is to keep us engaged. 

Van Helsing

Not knowing the Outlander books, I approached the show with no expectations. This range is versatile and I'm glad I took the plunge - it's now a personal favourite! I watched the entire series and thoroughly enjoyed it. 


The Beloved struggles  too intensely with its pursuit of mystery and realism, ultimately damaging its supernatural core. The movement requires patience, although the final season is half-paced and leaves you longing for more. 

The Chosen One's

Charmed should emphasize the three sisters who are witches, not the other way around. Changing one sister's powers was a bad decision. The advances were crucial for the Halliwells, helping them to save many innocents.